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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Scott David Garrison (family name Greenberg) who was born in Washington, DC on December 21, 1966 and passed away on Friday, October 15, 2004 at 5:06pm in Dallas, Texas of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma at the age of 37.

Biography by Scott Garrison September 2, 2004

My first 25 years were spent growing up in the Maryland suburbs of the Washington, DC area. I graduated high school in 1984. My college education began at the Univ. of Delaware - Honors Program later that year majoring in Gov't/Politics and English. I left after three years, and took classes at the Univ. of Maryland - Univ. College (adult education/night school) from 1988-91.

During this time, I waited tables and tended bar, followed by a job at The Washington Post's Circulation Department. I then decided I wanted a career, rather than a job. So I found a firm to sponsor me and got my Series 7 and Series 63 stockbroker's licenses in 1989.

Wanting to learn the industry, I got a job assisting several experienced brokers at a regional, DC-based firm. Two years later, I left to join the management team of a Congressional candidate. I was politically-active for years, and I had always wanted to be a paid political consultant.

My political activities led to Houston TX in 1992. I rejoined the financial services industry in Houston, this time with Merrill Lynch. In 1996, I transitioned from Sr. Registered Assistant to Financial Advisor (stockbroker). In late 1997, I moved to Prudential Securities, leaving there in 1999.

Moving to Dallas TX in 2000, I started by assisting a CPA establishing her own brokerage operations. Following that, I took another contract job as an office manager for a real estate / construction / interior design firm, getting their operations in order.

I made a valiant attempt to start my own business helping people settle estates. But I realized that my marketing design was excellent, but the direction of my marketing was flawed. At that point I closed it down. Still not interested in a 9-5 office setting, I returned to bartending as I had done 10 years prior. I did this tireless task-work until the beginning of 2003.

In January 2003, after a very noticeable loss in weight (about 40% down), and extreme difficulty digesting anything, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, extensive and concentrated in my gastro-intestinal region and spine. I believe they wrote me off twice. 2003 was dominated by chemotherapy treatments. I completed my final round of chemo in September. I thought it was over. I had returned to my goal weight and even started back to the gym in May.

Unfortunately I have a new large tumor (appeared in June; upper thigh) and as of mid-July I am back on 4 more months of chemo. Hopefully it will all be done by year-end. While it is inconvenient and painful, it will not alter my goals and plans. I can not let it destroy what I have worked too hard to rebuild.

Mid-May I started working for a small courier service since it’s a flexible income. As soon as walking becomes less painful, I will return to the courier work at least parttime. I also began writing my first novel earlier this month with the hope of completing it before I am 40.

Of a personal nature, I have a daughter who just started 7th grade and lives with her mother and step-father in Cape May NJ. Kayleigh's mom and I were never husband & wife. We have, however, been best friends since our freshman year of college. I visited with all of them in October for the first time in several years.

I’m finally completing my education because I had time last year while completing my cancer treatments. During chemo, a person is essentially under quarrantine since white-cell counts drop so low. So UOP was the perfect solution to meet my needs. Other motivations exist due to my change in perspectives over the last year. I chose a concentration in marketing due to my strong sales background. (I also earned my real estate license in 1999, had my life insurance license from 1995-99, and completed all coursework to be a licensed property inspector in 2001.)

It is my intention to start law school in Fall 2005, six credits short of completing my BS-Mktg degree (I just have to finish the BS before the JD is done). That also means moving sometime next spring, but the excitement is that I currently have no idea where I will live from 2005-08. I will be applying to 9 schools. Upon the completion of my JD, I hope to return to UOP to attain my MBA degree (and then I will be done)!

[In recognition of the work completed toward his degree, and upon the recommendation of the President, University of Phoenix has conferred posthumously upon, Scott David Garrison, the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing on September 16, 2004.]

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Tributes and Condolences
Scott  / Cindy Townsner (Mother)
When someone says to me, “I’m sorry for your loss,” I explain that he’s not lost. He’s in my heart and in my mind. While I can’t hug him or joke with him, my heart feels he’s near and he’s always on my mind.
He didn't mind dying. He just didn't want to be forgotten... [Date added: September 16, 2005]   / Cindy Towsner (Mother)
... and this is a tribute to those of you who still are pro-active in remembering one terrific human being--SCOTT DAVID GARRISON! You are honoring his memory, his life, and your life with him. As for me, there isn't an hour that goes by, that I don't...  Continue >>
Posted to Washington Post Legacy Guest Book on November 15, 2004   / Cindy Towsner (Mother)
Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts about my dearest son, Scott. Since his passing, I've tried to think of the cup half full, not half empty. So for the present, I thank G-d for the 37 years I was able to enjoy life with him. And no one ca...  Continue >>
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His legacy
Parkland Foundation - Honor Memorial for Scott David Garrison  

Parkland Hospital and Health System in Dallas aided Scott in fighting his illness and donations may be sent to its foundation. 

Parkland Memorial Hospital
5201 Harry Hines Blvd
Dallas, TX 75235
Attn: Jan Coder, Administration Office
Exaggerated Stories  

"I don't tell exaggerated stories; I live an exaggerated life."

(Scott D. Garrison, September 1985)

Scott's friend Stephenie N. LaMaina  

Hi, I am Stephenie LaMaina and live in New Jersey with my three children and husband.

I met Scott 20 years ago, September 1984, durning our first week at University of Delaware. By winter session he moved into the dorm room next door to me. While we were at college, we were always together. We dated for a while but concluded that we were best friends, not boyfriend and girlfriend. Even after I left college and moved to Philadelphia, we still saw each other almost every weekend. It drove whoever we were dating at the time crazy. As our lives took us in different directions, me to California and later him to Texas, we still saw each other whenever we could and when we couldn't, we talked on the telephone or through email.

I really miss talking to him. We discussed everything from the important decisions to matters of the heart to mundane thoughts about life. Even though it has been three months since he passed, I still find myself thinking, "I have to tell Scott about..." forgetting for a split second that he is gone.


(Stephenie N. LaMaina, posted on the Scott-Garrison YahooGroup, message #8, January 10, 2005,

Scott's friend Edie Moore McGee  

I am Edie Moore McGee. I knew Scott through Young Republicans and worked with him closely on a number of projects in the early and mid-1990's. After that, I dropped out of politics, because I went to law school at night. I then got married. Through the years, however, I stayed in touch with him by email.

(Edie Moore McGee, posted on the Scott-Garrison YahooGroup, message #9, January 16, 2005,

Positive Mental Attitude  

"PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) is essential to getting through something like this.  It is never a guarantee, but Negative Attitude, in my opinion, is potentially fatal."

(Scott D. Garrison, email to Diana Duncan, August 16, 2004)

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